Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


I’m late as usual with this week’s photo challenge. This week’s challenge is ‘Twist’. So here are a couple of photos I took from a short hike we took a week or so ago at a park near us here in southern New Hampshire. One area was especially boggy and had a raised walkway. Instead of taking a straight route, it twisted around somewhat, making for some interesting photos.

Maybe there was a tree or some other plant that they were trying to avoid by having the path meander a bit.  Here’s another view below.

A very marshy area.  Our 4 year old was waiving his arms around to keep the mosquitos away as much as possible.  So many bugs we couldn’t stay long!



Ok, so that’s maybe a tenuous link to this week’s theme as those paths don’t really twist too much.  So I’ll just leave you with the song that’s been stuck in my head all weekend long, ever since I saw what the ‘challenge’ was.   Thanks WordPress for reminding me of this song… or maybe no as I can’t stop singing it!

‘Stop singing that song Dada!,  what does it even mean?!”

“Twist” by Tones on Tail,  from way back in 1984 when I was much younger!


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