Quack Grass

We’re being invaded by quack grass!

Quack grass is an invasive weed that spreads by horizontal vine like shoots. It crowds out the grass and kills the flowers in my garden. It’s been spreading through the lawn for about three years now. There just has not been enough hours in previous years to rip this stuff out. Now that Mr. C is older I can recruit him to at least watch while I dig it up. He knows it as “the evil weed”.

Where it has taken over the lawn is now a hard spiky mat of weedy tentacles. Not at all pleasant to walk on. I even found some sending its spiky arms right through one of my dahlia bulbs.

You might be able to see it in the photo below. The yellow straw like stuff at the top of the photo is quack grass. The almost green portion at the bottom is what is left of the lawn, and the line in between is a moat I’ve dug between the two. Seemed like the best way to do this would be to create a border so it can’t send its evil tentacles into the garden and work my way back into the evil mat.


Mr. C was not at all enthusiastic about the prospect of losing his outdoor play area while I dug this stuff up. I did get him on board when I to humor would now be one huge construction site instead .

Get more of this evil weed, Dada, I have a road to build!!


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