Maple season

It’s maple season here in New Hampshire. A brief few weeks in early spring when the sap of maple trees are collected and processed into maple syrup.

Here’s something not seen very often anymore, this is the traditional way of collecting the sap. A metal tap is inserted into the maple tree, it usually has to be about 30 years old or so, and a small portion of the sap is allowed to drip into a bucket.

The modern way of doing this substitutes long lengths of plastic tubing instead of metal buckets. The tubes run between several trees, creating a maze of tubes in the forest. They then lead to a large centralized bin that collects the sap from many trees. Much more efficient, though not as photogenic, and there is no plonk plonk sound as the sap drops into the metal bucket.

Sorry, no photo of waffles with local syrup. Waffles don’t last long enough here to sit for a photo.


12 thoughts on “Maple season

    • It was a tough Winter! I was talking to a syrup producer a week or so ago, apparently there will be less of my preferred ‘Grade B’ this year. I’ll have to make sure I check again soon before they run out!

    • I believe it was the especially cold Winter weather, I could be wrong about that though. A local radio show had on an author who just had his book on the maple industry published. I would not have thought that an hour long interview on maple syrup would be as interesting as it was!

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