Before and After

I hardly ever post anything about the differences I see between what it’s like being a ‘Stay at Home Dad’ versus a ‘Stay At Home Mom’. I’m sure that one of them is that I don’t really feel as though I’m contributing a whole lot to the “household”. Sure, I do laundry, and vacuum, and all sorts of other cleaning, but it’s not the same as working. So, I do home improvement projects instead. My former work was very much project based, so I’m sure I miss the sense of completion that I’d get when a big project was finished. So now, I have a substitute with all the home improvement things I do. It’s definitely different than finishing vacuuming the house. I know that in a few days, I’ll have to vacuum again, especially since we have two cats that shed a lot of cat hair and track kitty liter all over the place. While once a home improvement project is finished it stays done for a long, long time. Very satisfying for a former project manager type person like me.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how starting one home improvement project just leads to another one. So I’ll just show off one completed project. Our pantry cabinet doors were badly in need of refinishing, and some of the knobs were missing as well. So here’s the before photos:






And here’s the after photo. These are the same doors, with new knobs, cleaned up, washed, sanded, and stained, and finished.

Yeah, a completed project!




10 thoughts on “Before and After

    • Thanks, not really as much as it might look. I actually did these doors while waiting for the finish to dry on a larger project – refinishing the door for our dining room

  1. We are remodeling our kitchen. We are in the third year of it because we never agree on how to do it or who to hire. One of the many problems is that the pulls are 30 years old..dated. My husband picked out two types of new ones to try out and put both of them up. I hate them both. But now we have three types of pulls. It’s quite not beautiful. Wish us luck!

    • It took us a long time to choose who to work with too, we went with P.M. McKay out of Nashua and had no major problems.

      The house is mostly done, now I’m down to just somewhat minor things like refinishing doors. The major things are done, like removing the several layers of green paint that were on our maple floors!

      For knobs check out the Lee Valley website, they carry thousands of different knobs.

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