WPC: Reflection

Here’s some photos for this week’s challenge: Reflection.

These were all taken in the Fall at a cranberry bog in Carlisle, Massachusetts.  We had wanted to time our visit to when the cranberries are harvested since the bog would have been covered in bright red berries.  The harvesting machine scoops up the berries and then the water is drained out of the bog until next year.

These are actually photos of the holding pond that supplies the water for the harvest, not the areas where the berry bushes grow.  When the berries are ready to harvest, a small dam is opened, some of the water from the pond is drained into the bogs, and helps to float the berries to the surface for easier harvesting. So we missed the harvest this year, unfortunately.  At least we were not too late, if we had missed the harvest entirely the pond would be much lower, the bogs  would have been barren, and the area would not have been as photogenic as this.




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