Museum Visit

During the February pre-school vacation week, the Currier Museum in Manchester had some fun events for kids. It’s always a great idea to offer free admission during vacation week, by then parents are sick of winter and the kids want to have some place new to go. The planned activity they offered when we went was that they gave out drawing pads, pencils, and stools for the kids to wander around and look for something to draw.

It was fairly crowded and it was interesting seeing how all the kids ran around choosing which picture inspired them to make their own drawing.

Mr C. quickly grabbed his pad and pencils and around looking for inspiration. How about Miro ? Hmmm, not so sure about this one Dada.


Here’s one that might work, it’s a canoe on a river bank by Andrew Wyeth.


A museum employee walked around, answering questions from the parent and kids. He told me a bit more about this painting and an adjacent work by Charles Sheeler. He had a look of surprise when it became apparent that I knew a few things about both artists already. I thought this was odd, but then Ms. J pointed out later that he probably wasn’t surprised that I knew some Art History, he was surprised that someone wearing a 10 year old sweatshirt covered in little food stains like peanut butter and jelly and tomato sauce, who had not been able to shave in three days, and whose hair was probably sticking up at odd angles from playing on the living room floor with Mr. C in the morning, would know anything about Art History. At least the sweatshirt was not on inside out, which has happened sometimes. As we were discussing the artworks, Mr. C was intently drawing . He would look up every few minutes. Taking a look at Wyeth’s canoe, and then drawing some more on his pad. Taking a look at the canoe, and then drawing some more.

After a few more minutes he was done. This is his drawing. It’s a tiger, under a tree, with his friend a little bird. Don’t know why I thought he was going to draw a canoe.


3 thoughts on “Museum Visit

  1. Love that tiger! Mr C. obviously gets inspired from art but doesn’t just copy and that’s a good thing. 🙂

    As for people judging you on your looks, have you ever looked at painters at work? They look quite messy to me!

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