That was funny, right Dada?

Last week, I wrote a post about how we replaced our over the stove microwave oven.  I mentioned that it took about four hours to get it attached to the wall.  One thing I did not include was why it took so long.

According to the directions, I needed to use a 5/8″ drill bit to drill two holes in the cabinet over the stove to hold the bracket that holds the oven.  I found the drill bit on my extremely cluttered work bench and put it in my tool box along with all the other tools I needed.

By the time I needed the drill bit, it was no longer in the tool box.  I looked and looked and looked.  Not there.  So I went back to the basement and looked on the workbench.  I have a habit of finishing a job around the house, and then piling all the tools I used back onto the work bench.  Yeah, I’m done with that, now I can have lunch!  So, there’s a large mound of stuff on the table.  Various layers of items that indicate which project I was working on by what layer you’re looking at.  I assumed I had just forgotten to take the drill bit with me so I tore everything apart looking for it.  Methodically removing items, looking for that drill bit.  Cursing my lack of organization, and vowing that from this day forward I would put things away.  Wondering how it got to this point where I was wasting my Saturday looking for a drill bit on a work bench, when I should be having fun with the family since the oven really should be up and running by now.  Eventually it was turned into a pointless quest.  Just looking for it on principal, trying to prove that ‘yes, I did indeed forget to put it in the tool box, and no, I am not going crazy, I did in fact own a 5/8″ drill bit.  After an hour or so I  got to the bottom of the pile and saw the bare surface of the work table for the first time in months.  Yet, the drill bit was still not found.

I reluctantly used a substitute drill bit, trying to find one that was as close as possible to what I needed, and finally was able to get the oven attached to the wall.  Yet the mystery of the missing drill bit persisted.  Where did it go ?  Am I losing my mind, and either never did put it in the tool box, or I did put it in the box but maybe took it out and lost it somewhere on the counter top, or maybe I never even had it at all in the first place ?  I  looked for it off and on over the next few days, just to try to solve the mystery.  But I didn’t really think I’d ever find it.  If I really needed it again, I would just have to get a new one.

A week later, I was vacuuming and looked under the living room sofa.  There was a drill bit under there.  I crawled under the sofa and grabbed it.  It was then that Mr. C started to giggle.

‘That was funny, right Dada?!  I hid it under there when you weren’t looking!’

So I may be going crazy, but it’s not due to losing my memory.

Here it is – a re-enactment of course.


11 thoughts on “That was funny, right Dada?

  1. This, this is priceless. I not only remember the cluttered workbench my father had and the consternation that went along with looking for a single piece of equipment, but I am well on my own way to having that exact same situation. As far as having the boy hide stuff on me? You’ve got me there. Usually I just lose things for hours and forget that I put them in my pocket….so I wouldn’t lose them. There’s not a man alive that can’t relate to this post on some level or another.

    • Thanks, this is quite a compliment! This was the first ten he had done something like this, so all I could do was admire the thought he put into it.

  2. Sneaky kids maybe it’s something about the age. Tonight my four year old hid her friend from all the adults at the library long enough to throw the friends parents into a panic. I hope your boy sticks with tools!

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