Stop This Car!

In my younger days, I spent a lot of money on CDs and records. There are boxes and boxes of them, some of which I now look at and wonder what I was thinking when I bought them. They’re mostly stashed away in boxes in storage areas now, we just don’t have a lot of extra room to have them out as so much space is now taken over by Mr. C’s toys. I don’t recall buying any CDs at all since Mr. C was born. (Yes, I’d prefer the CD over any digital download, I’m old fashioned that way I suppose.) I just don’t have time to follow what is going on in popular music these days, though I suppose the main reason I don’t buy any CDs now is my parental guilt whenever I buy anything that is for myself that is not absolutely necessary.

There was a scene in the HBO program ‘Six Feet Under’ a few years ago that reminds me of how parental guilt works. One of the main characters, Nate, a new parent, has a nightmare where he is in a music store waiting to check out with a pile of CDs. His wife suddenly appears behind the counter to ask him what in the world is he thinking, buying CDs when he should be more concerned with saving for the baby’s college fund ? At that point he wakes up screaming, or something like that. I don’t mean to say that Ms. J would be upset should I buy a CD, but the general idea of feeling guilty if any money is spent on myself for something as frivolous as a new CD can be overwhelming. Since that television episode first aired years before I was a parent, I had no idea at the time I saw it how true it could be.

However, I just might have to make an exception soon as The Woodentops will have a new CD out some time this Spring, their first new set of music is 25 years. Where did 25 years go, anyway ?

Who are The Woodentops, you ask ? Well, they’re were one of the most frenetic bands of the 80’s, with such almost-sort of- could have been hits as ‘Well, Well, Well’, and ‘Move Me’. OK, ok, you still don’t remember them, and can’t understand why there would need to be an exception to the self-imposed ban on buying any new CDs ? Well they just also happen to be Mr. C’s favorite band as well, so I’ll just have to use that as a good reason to go ahead and be the first in line once it comes out. Though I’ll probably end up buying it online through a site like Amazon, not in a store. Who knows when I’ll be able to get out to one of the few remaining music stores anyway!

Whenever I play one of their CDs, Mr. C dances around the house like a crazy person. Here’s probably his favorite song, ‘Stop This Car’, from way back in 1986. It’s a good one to play if I want to try to tire him out. Though I suspect his interest is really due to the fast tempo and the idea that the song is about fast cars.

It’s nice to see them back, and also nice to know that people in their mid-50’s can still play this fast.

5 thoughts on “Stop This Car!

  1. wow…the Woodentops…that’s a blast from the past! I’m like you…I would rather have the CDs than just download the music…it’s portable if you don’t have an ipod…

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