Why you should not drink cold coffee in a 100 year old house

We have an old house, it was built in 1904, and we’re constantly refinishing and replacing things. One of J’s favorite sayings is “Why didn’t you tell me when we met that all of your kitchen appliances would break at the same time ten years from now ?”

As an example of the endless spiral of repair and replacement, this is what happened when I had a cup of coffee recently.

“This coffee is cold, I’ll just reheat it in the microwave.”

Zap – Zap – Zap – Sparks – Sparks – Crackle – CRACKLE – ZAPPPP!

Hmmm…. looks like old Mr. Sparky has zapped his last cup of coffee.

Sorry, I don’t have a ‘before’ photo, just one of poor old Mr. Sparky lying in the snow waiting for the trip to the electronics recycling bin at the dump. It was an ‘Above the Oven’ model, about 20 years old, and it took about two hours to figure out how to get the thing unbolted from the wall.


Another day, and another four hours and much swearing by me caused by the poorly translated installation instructions, we have a new microwave! Here’s just one example of the skill of the translator of the instructions. It took me a few minutes to figure out that every time the word “operational” appears in the instructions, you have to substitute the “opening”. As in “Make sure your operational is wide enough for the microwave before trying to install on the wall”.



The clamps that keep the new microwave are much larger then the old ones, so there’s a lot less space in the cabinet it is bolted to. So what do we do with the pots that don’t fit in the cabinet now ?

How about putting them in the top shelf of the storage closet ?

Bleh, look at those doors for the storage cupboard, maybe it’s time that you refinished them, and replaced that missing knob while you’re at it.




And how about the door to the storage closet ? That’s definitely an original door, time to refinish that door too!



OK, Mr. C lets get to work!

A 4 year old with a power tool, what could go wrong ?

At least with the big microwave box, Mr. C got a new club house.


4 thoughts on “Why you should not drink cold coffee in a 100 year old house

  1. Haha, for a moment I thought your microwave was surrounded by smoke, not snow! It’s interesting how each above the oven microwave comes in a different size and different brackets, to make an easy installation impossible. At least you got a fun box to play with out of the ordeal.

    • I know, I left out all the time we spent trying to find one that would fit. Most are too big for the space we have, or have more features than we need and are too expensive. We just reheat things and sometimes cook potatoes, so this one is fairly inexpensive.

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