Winter in New England

On top of the three feet or so of snow on the ground, we had another snow storm this past Tuesday, looks like we got about a foot of snow from that one. Then we had another smaller storm yesterday, maybe three or four more inches there. So after playing in the snow with the extremely stir crazy and fully activated Mr. C, building snow forts, sledding, having snow ball fights, and trying to shovel all this snow off the driveway, I did something not so good to my back so I’ll be lying in bed for awhile.

But first, maybe I’ll post some photos of winter scenes from here in New England as a reminder that snow isn’t all bad.

A snow covered stone wall in nearby Hollis, New Hampshire.


Here is a view of a quickly passing storm near my parents house in the town of Middle of Nowhere, Vermont. The trees and dark clouds are lit up by the suddenly clear sunny sky.


A view of the library in Hollis. Mr. C had a great time trying the slide in the playground, zooming right into a snow pile.


Looks like I just have those three photos of pleasant scenes in New England in Winter.

Oh wait, there’s this one of our snow clogged street. There’s an enormous pot hole in the street caused by the frequent temperature changes, its covered by snow so it can’t be seen in the photo. It’s easy to see who the locals are as they swerve out of the way of the hole, while out of towners dive right in bottoming out their cars and waking us up at night. Hooray for Winter in New England!


With thanks to Ms. J who took the day off from work so I could rest, its off to bed for me. Maybe there’s something on Netflix I could watch on the computer, something set somewhere warm.


8 thoughts on “Winter in New England

    • It occurred to me when I saw one of your photos from Melbourne, that one of the things I like about reading other blogs is seeing the local things, even if its just a train. So I thought I should post some photos of more local scenes myself!

  1. Your pothole comment made me laugh out loud because you have the weather excuse in New England. San Diego is so cash poor that they don’t bother fixing their pot holes and people get their tires/wheels damaged. Completely silly since they in return request reimbursement for their cars and the city has to comply. The amount they pay on one car should be enough to fix the pothole!

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