WPC: Treasure

While this week’s photo challenge; ‘Treasure’,  is a good one, I was going to skip it since I don’t really have a lot of things that fit in very well in that category.  My parents were not very sentimental about things, so besides a few photos, I don’t have a lot of actual physical objects that belonged to my parents or grandparents.

I was reminded of the photo challenge this week as we were sledding this morning though.  Mr. C has a new sled, it’s a new type of sled that you blow up using an air pump.  It resembles an air mattress that would be used while camping, but with a curve on the front to protect the rider from flying snow.  I say “new” since I’m from the old times when they used those wooden sleds with the metal runners that could remove an arm of some other kid who happened to be laying on the snow in front of you.

Even though it was still fairly new,  this sled developed a leak. A disappointing development as we were about twenty minutes away from home and we didn’t really want to stop what we were doing to drive all the way home and try to repair the leak and then drive all the way back to the sledding hill.

Then I remembered that I had a roll of electrical tape in the car.  Left in the back of the car in a box of tools and other things from some past home improvement project.   The tape belonged to my Grandfather and must be about fifty years old.  It still is perfectly fine to use, and even though it is one of the few things I have that belonged to him, I do use it if I need some electrical tape, which really is not very often. I have the philosophy that if it’s useful, then go ahead and use it, even if it’s a treasured item from the past.

Two pieces of tape, each one about two inches long, were what was needed to keep the sled filled with air long enough for us to keep sledding today.

It’s funny to think that a roll of tape that my Grandfather bought sometime around 1960 saved a sledding expedition in 2014.

Thanks for the tape, Grandpa!



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