This year’s vegetable garden

Mr. C started his own vegetable garden this weekend. He’s very excited to see what will happen with the seeds he planted. He planted the seeds in small starter pots with Ms. J, while I was off doing yet another home improvement project. So I don’t have a lot of detail on how they did it. Last year the only thing we were able to plant were some basil seeds. Once basil starts, it grows like a weed, so we had some home-made pesto meals in the Fall. Pesto is one of those things that are very expensive when you but it in the supermarket but turn out to be kind of easy to make at home. So instead of paying something like $6 a jar for one meal’s worth of pesto, we had about six pesto meals for about $2.

This year he planted basil, three types of tomatoes, Swiss chard, oregano, and dill. (Can you tell that I’m Italian from the selection of seeds?). He’s checking the seed tray every hour or so to see if any of the seeds are growing yet. I have no idea where we will put all of these plants in the backyard yet, but it’ll be fun for him to watch them grow.

I’ve never really been able to follow through on keeping track of a project like this for the blog, but here’s the first photo. It just looks like some dirt so far.



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