Snow storm? What snow storm?

This is a story about how you should listen to your parents. At least some of the time anyway.

Yesterday morning we were getting ready to visit my parents in Vermont when my Dad called to tell us not to come. We live in southern New Hampshire, my parents live about three hours away in Vermont, in a small town called ‘Middle of Nowhere’. It’s in a weird microclimate zone, a valley surrounded by snow covered hills, where it snows every other day from September through early April. There’s a snow storm coming, he said, and he didn’t want us to get stuck in his crazy snow zone. At least half of our planned trips there are called off due to impending blizzards. But at least half of the time it doesn’t actually end up snowing there anyway. The other half do end up being road closing snow storms though.

Ok, so we won’t make the trip. I thought that this was one of those times when he was being a little too cautious, but that’s OK, maybe it’s snowing there even if its not snowing here. I hadn’t heard that it was going to snow at all, but maybe I’m wrong. My Dad could probably tell from my doubtful tone of voice that I didn’t believe him this time. Sure, sure, Dad, we’ll just stay inside here and be safe, I said.

Two hours later, as Ms J and I were trying to decide what we should do instead; go for a hike, walk in the park, go to the Y? It started to snow here in New Hampshire. It did not stop until this morning. There’s about a foot of heavy wet snow on the ground. I read a report that more than a dozen cars were stranded on a major highway about two miles from us.

So it turned out to be a good idea to not leave the house at all. We made two huge snow men in the back yard. They’re about seven feet tall.

Now I have to wait for the phone call from my Dad asking how much snow we got from the storm he predicted yesterday.

(The one in the front looks more like a snow dog than a man, the one in the back must be the dog’s owner, waving for the dog to come back and get the leash back on.)



5 thoughts on “Snow storm? What snow storm?

  1. Sounds like your dad should be hired to give the forecast on TV! Believe it or not, TV forecasters here are usually wrong half the time and we live in San Diego! They have the temperatures numbers at least 10 degrees off up or down, and they often can’t even tell you the current weather correctly. I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen clouds or rain outside and they said it was sunny. I’m glad I don’t have TV anymore because that was a waste of time. Now the weather on my phone is wrong too.

    • Seems like the weather in San Diego would be easy to forecast. Maybe the worst forecasters end up there if they can’t do a good job elsewhere.

      We were supposed to get a big storm yesterday, but ended up with just a dusting of snow.

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