Thank you, David Attenborough

Mr. C has a cold.  I have a cold too.     It’s not really that bad of a cold, but still we’re tired of being sick, tired of being inside, and maybe just tired.   After a few days of this, Mr. C really could use some extra sleep during the day.  I could too.  But there’s no chance of a nap for Mr. C, or for me either,  when there’s Legos to play with.

So what works to get him to get some rest when reading a book doesn’t work ?   The soothing tones of nature documentary host David Attenborough.   It just takes a few minutes of him whispering about the importance of being quiet when trying to get a good look at a rare bird to get Mr. C to fall asleep.   Here he is sneaking up on a Lyrebird.   Shhh….. be very quiet… move slowly… as we walk slowly over to the nest.. and then we fall asleep……..Zzzzzzzzzz……

So thank you, David Attenborough.  Mr. C and I have learned a lot about animals, birds, and plants by watching your programs, and we have gotten some well needed sleep too.

8 thoughts on “Thank you, David Attenborough

  1. You know what’s even more entertaining when you’re sick? Watching the BBC funny talking animals videos on YouTube! My kids love them but there’s some crude language here and there. Ewan McGregor does great voices.

  2. I’ve had a cold too…was glad to that my TV was repaired after a month without it. Just in time to cuddle up under a blanket and watch something mindless…

    • We cancelled our cable about two years ago. Partly to save money, but also since we found we weren’t really watching much anyway. But that hasn’t stopped me from watching mindless things on places like utube. Old music videos, or just typing in “funny cats” can result in hours of lost time. All after c’s bedtime of course!

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