Santa Fe Sunsets

One of the things I like about New Mexico is that the Winter weather is much more pleasant than it is here in New Hampshire.  It can get very cold, but it doesn’t seem to stay as cold as it does in New England.  There is quite a lot of snow there, (which surprises just about everyone here in New Hampshire where everyone assumes that New Mexico must be warm year round for some reason), but the storms don’t last for three days at a time.  Even though it is cold, the Winter days are usually sunny and bright, not the three months of unending gray skies and cold clammy days here.

Probably best of all is how much later the sun sets there.  In late December here in New Hampshire, it can start to get dark at about 4:00pm,  since it is so much further south New Mexico  will remain somewhat light at least an hour or so later.   The city is also surrounded by mountains so it’s fairly easy to get a good view of some dramatic scenery.  This combines to make for some beautiful sunsets.  This was one trip where I remembered to take a good camera with me rather than rely on the camera phone, so I’ll just show off some photos of sunsets I took from our trip:







Here comes a snow storm,  a sheet of white moving forward from the horizon.


This one is a little blurry, I was getting cold!



6 thoughts on “Santa Fe Sunsets

  1. Well, Santa Fee is 5000 feet up and the mountains around are 10,000. Many people forget that the desert can have mountains all around. We have mountains 1 hour east of San Diego with the peak being 6500 feet. When it rains here in the winter, it snows up there and you can see a nice white cap while you’re sitting in 70 degree weather. Quite a sight!

    • It must be a New England thing, just expecting that anyplace in the Souhtwest would be desert. Though I’d never guess there would be snow anywhere near San Diego.

      • There’s pretty much snow in the winter one hour away from the Southern California shore, because of the line of mountains there (mostly the San Bernardino). But it definitely doesn’t snow as much as the Northeast, unless we get an El Nino winter.

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