WPC: Community

I was going to skip this week’s photo challenge, ‘Community’, since I don’t really take a lot of photos of large groups of people, crowds, or things that strike me as representing the theme.  Then I remembered that I had these photos.

These were taken at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, which at an estimated 1,000 years old is the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America.  Seems like a good fit for ‘community’.

As you can see, we went there in the Winter,  seems as though no one thinks of going to New Mexico in the Winter.  Those who do go, tend to go for the skiing, so a lot of the tourist spots are not very crowded.  We were followed around by a dog for most of the time while we walked around the pueblo.




This is not a museum or a the typical tourist site with guides and a re-enactors.  It’s a active community, with families living in these houses.  There’s a sense of privacy throughout,  though no one was anything less than welcoming.   I think the residents asked us as many questions as we asked them.












To add to the feel of community, several homes were open, especially if the residents were working at some kind of craft, like ceramics, or beadwork.   However, it didn’t quite feel right to start taking snap shots of people intently working at their art, so I don’t have any photos of the people who live here!



We went before Mr. C was born, and we’re going back soon, it’ll be interesting to see how he will react to New Mexico.  Definitely very different than New Hampshire!







Here’s the dog that followed us around!


6 thoughts on “WPC: Community

    • Thanks! If you have an interest in the Southwest, I’d recommend anything by Craig Childs, a much better writer than i am! ‘House of Rain’ is one of his books.

    • Ive been there three times, and only in the Winter. Christmas in Santa Fe is a lot of fun, with things like luminaria lights around town. Better than the cold gray New England winter days here!

    • It’s a fun place to go, lots of history, great food and scenery. Though the only way we can afford to go is because that’s where my in-laws are. Otherwise it would be too expensive.

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