Word of the Year

In honor of the word of the year, “Selfie”, as chosen by the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary, Mr. C took 112 pictures of himself on my iPhone.

What he was really trying to do is find the “Where’s My Water” game app, which I now regret having downloaded considering how much time he has spent playing that game. And how much time I have spent playing it as well.

He was somehow able to take photos using a number of photo editing features and filters. I think this one uses some kind of blue filter. He seems to know more about photo editing now than I do.


9 thoughts on “Word of the Year

  1. My grndson loves to assist me by editing of my photos. I had to create a special catalog for him to make yellow or green snowlandscapes or icicles and that sort of transformations. Now as first-grader he has some advantage compared with his teacher of computer drawing.

    • They pick up things like that very quickly. Last year he received a small inexpensive digital camera as a gift. So far it’s filled with hundreds of photos of his fingers, but the quality of the finger photos is improving daily.

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