The worst thing to step on

In the competition for the worst thing that you can step on, Legos have finally met their match! The new worst thing that you can step on is…… a marble!

I stepped on one of these, in bare feet, directly on the center of my heel, two days ago. It still hurts.



12 thoughts on “The worst thing to step on

    • I think he was playing with some marbles that I had dug up from the dirt in my parent’s backyard 40 or so years ago. Strange to think that something I had played with that long ago is the source of the bruise on my heel!

  1. Hmm, are you stepped on a Lego with your heel? I can’t imagine those pointy suckers hurt less than a marble. By the way, I think the worst thing to step on/in (besides Lego and marbles) is dog poop. I’m glad your post wasn’t about that.

    • Playmobil parts can be bad too. Lots of little pointy connectors. He has a Playmobil fire truck that comes with some tiny traffic cones. Those things are like some kind of torture device.

      We have cats, which can come up with a wide variety of things to step in, some can be identified, some not.

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