Who wants more pie ?

When I pick Mr. C up from his preschool class one of the teachers will help him get into the car and give a quick run down of what they did that day. It’s usually standard preschool things like ‘We talked about the letter ‘D’ today!’.

This past Friday when I picked him up, the teacher said that they talked about Thanksgiving and how it’s a good idea not to eat too much pie since pie is a ‘sometimes food’. I was too shocked to think of anything to say at the time, but as we drove away I told Mr. C that Thanksgiving was the one day a year when he could have as much pie as he wanted. That’s the tradition of Thanksgiving, everyone in the US sits down with their family for a multi-course meal, at which they eat as much as they possibly can. Once they have eaten to the point of bursting, we all sit around and watch either a football game, a classic movie, or a parade. Only some of us will really be following whatever it is we’re watching, we’re either falling asleep from eating all that turkey or talking to relatives we haven’t seen all year. That’s Thanksgiving.

He has some kind of Thanksgiving party at preschool this week where each student is supposed to bring in some kind of “Healthy Food” to share with the class. I should send him in with a couple of pies.




2 thoughts on “Who wants more pie ?

  1. Haha, I understand what the teachers are trying to do, so don’t be too harsh on them. I bet some parents feed their kids pie (and not your good kind of pie) at any time of the day and night, on top of whatever crappy foods they eat. I’ve never told my kids that pie was a bad food either and they should have very little of it. I’d rather focus on them understanding what a balanced diet is and how to make pies and cakes part of it. And you know what happens when you ban some foods. Kids want them more!

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