Recycling Art

Amy had a post on her  Share and Connect blog about artists using recycled material to create new artworks.  I made a comment about how we will sometimes  use old metal containers for some art projects for our 4 year old and Amy asked to see what we’ve been up to, so here are some examples.

Believe me, these are not nearly as artistic as what she included in her post,  but at least it keeps a busy 4 year old occupied on rainy days! For some much more impressive works, check out her post as well!

Here’s a McCann’s Oatmeal container that Mr. C painted.  My recycling urge just can’t resist doing something with a container like this, just can’t throw one of these metal canisters away!    We use the painted one to store raisins now.


Here’s an Illy coffe container that we painted in a variety of blue and green colors.  Mr. C uses this one to store the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that we lost the box for.


Here’s a small metal box that Mr.C painted, inside and out.


Here’s what the inside looks like.  He calls it “The Nature Box”,  he puts anything interesting that he finds from the forest in the box,  the current occupants are a small pile of leaves.


One more,  here’s a tomato can which Mr. C wanted to turn into a candle holder.  We filled up the empty can with water, put it in the freezer, then punched holes in the sides with a hammer and nail, and then painted the outside of the can in various reds, yellows and orange paint colors.  The frozen block of water is supposed to make it easier to punch holes in the can, I’m not so sure that’s really necessary, but it does make it more fun for a four year old to see what happens to a frozen block of ice when it’s struck several times with a nail.


And here it is with the candle lit:


17 thoughts on “Recycling Art

  1. These are creative, artistic, and practical! Very cool, Peter! I’m going to copy your ideas of recycling metal canisters 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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    • Thanks for the link! There’s also decoupage as a project too! I am by no means what I would call creative, just a former advertising guy trying to keep the four year old busy! there’s some really impressive websites out there for reusing stuff is a good one.

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