Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ‘Horizon’, since I take a lot of landscape shots, this one was easy for me.

Sometimes I like to take a photo that emphasizes the sky a bit more than usual, especially if its a stormy day.  This one was taken south of Santa Fe.  


Another shot from the same area near Santa Fe, just a few yards from the photo above.  

The first three photos here were taken in a large wildlife refuge south of Santa Fe.  The refuge is  mostly wetlands, where more than 300 species of birds roost, or fly through on their migration paths.  The area is especially popular with sandhill cranes and snow geese.  While I did see plenty of birds, I unfortunately didn’t get close enough to get good photos with the camera I had at the time.  At least I did get some good landscapes though!




This one was taken in northern Arizona.   Usually photos I take facing into the sun like this do not come out very well at all, but I do think this one did come out fairly well.

petrified 48

One more,  this is taken from the ferry going back from Martha’s Vineyard to Massachusetts.  The sunset is breaking through an area of thunder clouds.



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

    • Thanks very much! I have another photo from that ferry, with another view of the sunset, but it includes a ferry passenger typing something on his smart phone. I didn’t notice him at the time I took the photo. A “photobomb” I guess! Funny that there’s a beautiful sunset in view and someone is instead typing on their phone.

    • I had some sunny photos of Santa Fe but I couldn’t find them, so I had to go with those. Its usually a bit more sunny than what I show in the photos, though we had a great time at the bird sanctuary.

      • But you successfully turn the curse into art!
        There is a special genre of nature painting in Dutch art of the 17th cent. – they call it “Hollandse luchten”, Dutch skies, with almost only clouds on them

      • Thank you very much! Dutch painting from that time just happens to be my favorite period in Art History, though I was not aware of the specific type focused on the clouds and sky.

        There is a modern artist that was inspired by the cloudy skies of Scotland, Jon Schueler.

    • Oh I don’t know if you’ve missed anything, really just more of the same. I’m not living a life of adventure these days. Could be the subject of a post I suppose, how most of my time is spent on playgrounds rather than at corporate meetings and flying to client meetings. Though which one is more fun is the subject of another post too.

      • Sounds like a good post to me…and look around those playgrounds and see what you see…you’d be surprised…I think some photos are in order. 🙂

        BTW, I went to my reader and fixed it so I’ll see your posts. 🙂

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