Apple Picking

We’re keeping track of how much money we spend on groceries this month.  Not so much as a way to control costs, but just out of curiosity to find out if what we think we’re spending on food is close to what we’re actually spending.

We went apple picking at a local farm last weekend.  I’m voting that the money we spent on apples should be put into an “Entertainment” category instead of “Food”.   After all, it’s much more fun than just getting apples at the grocery store.





Looking for the perfect tree


Found it.



Here’s the inside of the farm stand.  Each basket or bin has a different variety of apple,  there’s 30 or so different types here.



12 thoughts on “Apple Picking

    • Thanks! It can be hard to decide which orchard to go to sometimes. The one we used to go to every year is now too crowded, so we’re going to one that’s much closer, and it turns out that their apples are better too!

    • So far we had a apple-cranberry-raisin tart, which was very good. Apparently its a Russian recipe which surprised me, I don’t think of too many desserts as being from Russia! It’s from a Dorrie Greenspan cookbook, she usually specializes in French cooking.

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