Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Sometimes one of our cats likes to sit on top of the newel post at the top of our stairway in the early morning.  So this is the first thing I see in the morning when he does this.


Mr. C has a habit of grabbing my iPhone in the morning and taking a few pictures with it.  Most end up being a blurry mess, but here’s one  he took early one morning this week that actually came out pretty good:


Here’s something that means ‘Good Morning!” for me,  Ms. J made an apple tart.  Yeah, apple tart for breakfast!



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

  1. What your cat an owl in his previous life? That’s a great observation post!
    I don’t see anything wrong with apple tart for breakfast. We went apple picking and I made apple crumble pie we ate for dessert tonight. I was thinking that eventually I may want a piece for breakfast some time this week too. Yum!

    • Like a lot of cats, he likes to look down on his surroundings. If he’s lying on a bed, and we put a piece of paper on the bed next to him, he’ll move over to sit on that paper, just to be that much higher.

      Apple crumb pie for breakfast sounds good!

    • Ok, We’ll make another one!

      I say ‘we’ but it’s really Ms. J who is the baker in the family. She’s going through a Dorrie Greenspan cook book right now, plus it’s apple season here, which makes for a good combination.

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    • That’s true, whatever is highest he wants to be on top of it. If a piece of paper is left on the bed, he will want to get up and move to sit on top of that piece of paper, even if it means moving over just two inches from where he was sitting.

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