Garden Update: The Late Bloomers

A quick post since I don’t have a computer today, so I have to only use the iPhone with my big fat fingers on it’s tiny little keyboard, making frequent corrections to its autocorrect spelling assumptions.

For some reason, most of the plants in the garden are very late bloomers.  A lack of planning on my part, I suppose.

The good thing is that this means that we have flowers well into October,  the bad thing is that once we notice them blooming it means that Fall is here!


We see a lot of these plants in the forests when we go hiking,  this must be why a lot of people say that we grow weeds!


The flower below is more than seven feet fall.  It looms over everything else.


One of our neighbors has a bee hive,  his bees go crazy in the garden this time of year.  Probably since it’s such a large concentration of late blooming plants so close to their hive.



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