Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I usually take photos outside, so this was a tough challenge, but what better photo than the best interior in architectural history ?

Can anyone guess where this is ?


Now for something a bit more local. Here’s a view inside one of our favorite restaurants. The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Can you tell that we are there for a very early dinner ? It’s something of a hipster hangout, so I don’t think they get a lot of families there as we were the only people in the place at about 5:30pm.




And here is a second photo from inside The Friendly Toast.  They have quite the collection of art work.

And here’s what happens when your 4 year old gets ahold of your iPhone.

This is a Lego house, with what looks like a family of dinosaurs living inside.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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    • Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a fun city. Very much a New England coastal town from the Colonial period, with Federal style houses closely packed together on the waterfront and a downtown area filled with all kinds of restaurants. The Friendly Toast is just one of many. A bookstore recently opened in an old Colonial era bank building, with granite walls and vaulted ceilings. It’s abut an hour away from us, but it will make for another good reason to get over there more often.

      On a side note, I’m reading a memoir by someone who grew up in the original UK Portsmouth. It’s interesting reading about what the namesake city is like and how different it is from the Portsmouth in New Hampshire.

    • Next time we go there I’ll have to take more photos. I’m jut so used to it now that it doesn’t seem so unusual, but there’s always someone taking pictures in that restaurant. The food is good too.

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