Everyone’s a Critic

While Mr. C is a clone of me in many ways,  one thing that he does not take after me in is his taste in music.    Ms. J prefers Classical and Bluegrass, while I enjoy Jazz and the New Wave hits of the 80’s.    We will sometimes play a CD or listen to a radio station to see what his reaction to different types of music is.  Of course, the both of us are favoring our own taste when we play something for him.  So as he is starting to outgrow the music of Raffi, let’s see what kind of music Mr. C might like.

I’ll show my age here by including a song from my youth.  This is XTC with their hit from 1978, ‘This is Pop’.   What does Mr. C think of this ?

Mr C:  “What are they even talking about, Dada ?”

Me:     “You sound like Mama.”

Ok, let’s try something a bit more complex.

“Is this that crazy Jazz music, Dada ?”

“What has Mama been telling you about that ?”

“It’s crazy music!”

So this is what he said as we were in the car driving home from the farm stand, listening to the local Classical music station,  99.5 WCRB,   this afternoon.

“Yeah!  Mama’s music sounds good, Dada!”

Alright, I give up.

“Turn it up, turn it up, Dada!”

I didn’t think he would go straight to Vivaldi from Raffi.


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