Mystery Train: Part Two – Trapped in the Closet

Mr. C was so excited this morning.    After three months, his missing battery powered Brio train has been found!

As posted earlier,  we somehow lost it within days of him getting it for his birthday.   We looked everywhere.  He was sad about it,  but surprisingly resigned to just having to ‘be on the lookout’  for the train.  I think I would have been inconsolable as a four year old if my birthday present was lost so quickly.  But Mr. C just sighed and said ‘That’s OK,  we’ll just try to look for it.’   Now this is not to say that he is a calm kid.  No,  just that his moods are entirely unpredictable.   Something that might have made me cry when I was four does not seem to bother him and then something that I would not have cared about will send him into a sobbing mess.  ‘Why does this happen, why, why, why’  is a common refrain, as he lies face down on the floor, weeping over my putting the coffee beans into the grinder instead of having him do it.  Who can know what a kid will do.

Anyway,  he was extremely excited about finding the train, which was nice to see.

‘Come and look at what I found!!  Yippeee!!!!!,  he said as he jumped around the house.

It was at the bottom of a large plastic bin that we were using to store some of his old clothes.   Ms. J and I were looking through it this morning to try to make some room in a closet.  What to keep, what to discard, what to give away, what to try to get over to the consignment store.  It was surprising to see Mr. C remember things that he used to wear, or sometimes not remember.   I thought that we had seen everything in the bin, and both Ms. J and I had moved on to a different project when he heard Mr. C start shouting.  He had continued to look at what was in the box, and there it was, at the bottom,  under all the clothes.

As we were going through the bin it occurred to me that ‘What he may or may not remember of his early years’ could be the subject of a blog post,  but instead today I’ll write about the train.  Which makes for a short post, but it does make for a happy four year old.




9 thoughts on “Mystery Train: Part Two – Trapped in the Closet

    • Thanks very much ! We had thought it was somehow lost forever. We sometimes will find toys left behind by the former owners, and we’ve lived here 2 years! It’s usually just small things like marbles, puzzle pieces, game pieces, and they are usually in unusual places such as stuck behind radiators or buried in the garden. So we had joked that whoever lives here next would find the train.

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