Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

For me, the sea is primarily a source of seemingly endless play for our four year old. Here’s Mr. C digging for something on Stinson Beach in California.


Though I do like to get a few shots in of changing weather. Here’s some fog coming in on, also on Stinson Beach in California.


And a storm over Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts:


Something that impressed me about the beaches in California is the diversity of plant life. On the East Coast, there’s usually just a few grasses, and maybe some thistle and beach plums. On some beaches on the West Coast, there’s too many plants for me to identify.


And as someone who loves food, the sea is a source for dinner!



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

    • Thanks very much! I’m relying on my iphone lately, which is convenient but looses some clarity when enlarged. I’ll have to try to use my “real camera” more often.

  1. Great shots of the sea! And you’re reminding me I need to put a photo post together on this theme. You’re right about plants on California beaches. There can be interesting ones to look at, depending on where you go. Not much around the big cities like San Diego and Los Angeles, but it’s more natural on other beaches.

    • Those were taken on a family trip to the San Francisco area. My father in law grew up on the California coast and knows exactly where to go for spectacular scenery. He points out that the good thing about California is that there were not a lot of places that made for good harbors, so there’s still some long stretches of fairly untouched shore, especially to the North.

    • Thanks very much! All were taken with just an iphone, with no added editing. The only thing I did was crop the sunset photo. It was taken from a ferry, at the lower left corner you could see the bow of the boat and a man texting on his iphone! It’s a very funny scene in itself, as there is this spectacular sunset, there’s this guy texting, but in this context I took him out.

  2. I’ve lost track of all the places you seem to go with Mr. C. Since my kids are grown I don’t have as much current sharing to do with you as others but I love your blog. Your easy writing style, outlook on life and sense of humor keep me coming back.

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