FAQs: The Garden

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions about the garden.

Q: Is that a weed ?

A: No, that’s sedum middenorfanum

Q: Looks like a weed, where’s the flowers ?

A: It flowers in September 20130820-201744.jpg Q: What’s that one, is it a weed ?

A: It’s a native plant, it’s a Leucanthemum, it has small daisy like flowers.

Q: Looks like a weed.

A: That’s not really a question. 20130820-201758.jpg Q: I remember when this was all grass, are you letting these weeds grow around the border ?

A: Those are not weeds, I planted all of them, they are all native flowering perennials.

Q: Are you just letting these weeds grow for instructional purposes for the neighbors ?

A: Nope, not weeds… flowers.. all are flowers….

Q: Did you see the game this weekend ?

A: No, I was planting weeds , I mean flowers, in the garden.

Q: Oops, I stepped on one of your… ummm, oh it looks like it’s just a weed anyway.

A: That WAS an Astilbe.

Q: Why don’t you mow all of this down and then you’ll have some nice grass for Mr. C to run around on ?

A: Arrrrgggggghhhhh !!!!!



Mr. C picked these this afternoon. 20130820-201806.jpg


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