Things to do on Martha’s Vineyard when it’s not raining

Yesterday I wrote about what we did on Martha’s Vineyard when it was raining, so today I’ll write about what we did when it wasn’t.

Go to the beach!


Make a sand castle!


Go to the beach again!


Check out the old houses in Oak Bluffs!


Eat a lot of grilled fish !



12 thoughts on “Things to do on Martha’s Vineyard when it’s not raining

  1. i am heading out there tomorrow afternoon for the remainder of the week…Illumination is always a treat for the kids (and adults) – how old is the little man? will head to State Beach and the Inkwell several times I think

  2. cawn on tha cawb! perfection!
    I’ve got pics of that park in Oaks Bluffs dating back to the ’70s, and they look EXACTLY like yours! I love the “lost in time” aura surrounding that area.
    What a wonderful family vacation! You guys rock!

    • Exactly the way I say it! Despite the frequent teasing from Ms. J, a southern New Jersey native.

      We live in Nashua and go to Vineyard Haven when we can. We do tend to try to avoid Oak Bluffs now, just because it’s getting very crowded, but it is nice how it does not seem to change very much. We do try to get over there to get a breakfast out when we can. That gazebo area is so nice, and the Tabernacle area is also beautiful too. Still no traffic lights anywhere on The Vineyard!

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