Things to do on Martha’s Vineyard when it rains

While we were on our recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, it was either often raining, or Mr. C had a cold. I suppose that a lot of people go shopping while they are on The Vineyard. It has the reputation as being a destination for the high income set, so there are a lot of art galleries and other shops like that which cater to the 1/2 of 1% crowd. But, since I’m an unemployed stay at home dad and we’re saving money by staying at my in-law’s house, shopping there is mostly out. Besides, since it’s an island, the shops tend to try to charge for the boat freight for every item. So a gallon of milk can cost about $8, and a pound of sliced ham can cost $20.

So here are some of the exciting things we did while it rained or while Mr. C slept off his cold on vacation!

We made this puzzle! 1,000 pieces!
I wonder what Renoir would think if he knew his paintings were the source of jigsaw puzzle designs?

Mr. C was surprisingly helpful in doing this and other puzzles.




Played some vintage board games!

It turned out to be a good thing that my mother-in-law kept these games. I think they’re about 30 years old. Mr. C especially liked The Game of Life. This was always my least favorite game when I was a kid. My older brother always beat me, I always ended up bankrupt. Now he’s a Vice President at a very large financial institution, and I’m unemployed. Hmmmm……



We made another puzzle!

This one is missing two pieces. So it’s a 998 piece puzzle. We looked everywhere…. can’t find those two pieces.

There was also a 2,000 piece puzzle of a Hans Holbein painting. We’ll save that one for another time.




Made these prints using ‘Nature Paper’. Those are some shells and some seaweed, placed on the paper then exposed to light to create the image.




Ate a lot!

Ms. J made a Key Lime pie.

Here’s a slice.





There’s more to come, woo hoo!!


9 thoughts on “Things to do on Martha’s Vineyard when it rains

  1. Hi there Peter,,
    A happy summer to you and your family. It sounds like you guys kept busy at Martha’s vineyard. I have never been there but always sounded to me like a relaxed place.


    • We usually try to fill up a large cooler with food to bring with us, there’s usually plenty of room for food since we take our car over on the ferry. The $20 ham was particularly annoying since there is a market near our house in NH that sells ham that is just as good for $4 a pound. But that’s OK, it was still a great ime, there’s always going to be something that we don’t bring with us.

    • Crossword puzzles are included too since there’s no TV at the house. My wife is a Scientist so she always does well with those. Though she always looks to me for any clues related to popular culture!

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