Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic Hour

The first thing I thought of when I saw the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge was one of my favorite films ‘Days of Heaven’.  It’s a Terrence Malick film that was filmed mostly during the last hour or so of daylight on each day of filming.  The blueish-pinkish skies make each scene look more like an oil painting rather than film.   I saw that films years ago and I’ve been trying to take a lot of photos during that time of day ever since.   While I’m sure I’ll never be able to take any photos that would approach the cinematography of a Terrence Malick film, here’s a few ‘Magic Hour’ shots from some of our recent travels.  (Yes, I know, I just like the term ‘Magic Hour’ better.)

Sunset over Vineyard Haven harbor, Martha’s Vineyard




Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico – This one is a bit blurry since it was very cold, maybe 25 degrees or so and my hands were getting very cold!




In a canyon near the Rio Grande river in New Mexico.  This was taken on Christmas Day, near sunset.



A late in the day trip to a beach on Martha’s Vineyard.   In just a few minutes the sky will turn black and sheets of rain will come pouring down.  The mystery of why the  beach was empty is solved!   I guess everyone had checked the weather report before going to the beach, I forgot to check myself.




This is one of my favorites.   Taken on a recent trip to Seattle.  The little figures are Mr. C and Ms. J are racing around the International Fountain at the base of the Space Needle.  I’m not sure why the place was so deserted, it was a little eerie.  The eerie silence was soon broken by the echoing sound of Mr. C yelling ‘Looooook at Meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!”  as he raced around the fountain.






This one was taken on the ferry ride back from Martha’s Vineyard.





OK, just one more.   Here’s a closer view of that fountain shot above.

‘Dada!,  Dada!, Dada!,  Loooooooook At Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!’



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic Hour

    • Thanks, that one was not taken with a camera phone. I should remember to take the better camera with me more often!

      I like that film but it’s not a very happy movie, probably an acquired taste. It does have some beautiful camera work, though the story is a bit sad. There’s a good article about it on Wikipedia.

  1. Great shot of the sailboat glistening in the late day sun as you exit Vineyard Haven Harbor! I’ve been a summer visitor to Martha’s Vineyard all my life (50+years), and even after all that time, every photograph—even those of the same subject matter—seems to possess its own unique characteristics…thanks for sharing!

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