Here’s what we did with some of those strawberries we picked.

I say we, but this time it was all Ms. J. She was somehow able to do this while wrangling two 4 year olds. Mr. C had a friend over this weekend for a play date. In about three hours J, in between managing two crazy excited kids she made not one, but two desserts with the strawberries, with the help of the aforementioned crazed 4 year olds.

Homemade gelato.


And here’s a strawberry rhubarb crumble.  I wasn’t fast enough with the camera for this one, a portion had already been eaten by the time I got to it.


I witnessed her awe inspiring ability of being able to control two kids who were trying to compete with each other in bossiness, getting them to cooperate on making two desserts, and not get either the kitchen or kids covered with strawberry juice.

If I were to try to do this I would have ended up with two kids covered in strawberry juice, the kitchen splattered in red, and a pile of inedible goo instead of gelato.


12 thoughts on “Gelato

    • You got me. The post was going to also include what I was doing, which was running around finding the missing parts for whatever toy they were playing with. Playmobil zoo, various Lego sets, games, puzzles, everything is missing something and I usually have some idea where it is. So I was running up and down stairs finding those missing parts. Have to make sure our guest is happy. That night I was asleep before he was.

      I cut the post short since I was typing it on my iPhone and my fingers are too big for the tiny keyboard. It’s especially annoying when I have the auto correct feature on which makes assumptions about what you are typing, such as assuming that I really meant to type “Let go” instead of Lego.

      • I bet they pooped you out! That’s why if we have playdates, they happen at the park, not our house. Otherwise it looks like a tornado went through.

        And I hear you about the auto-correct. I hate the Swype tool that keeps making up new words that don’t exist. I really hate it. Worst invention ever!

    • She’s a great cook and baker. I’ve learned a lot from her, though I still won’t bake much. She’s a Scientist so I think the precision needed in her work helps with baking!

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