Strawberry Time

Rushing to the farm in Hollis, New Hampshire between rain storms to pick strawberries.


Chasing some butterflies


Filling up the basket.


Here comes more rain !


10 pounds of berries. How long will it take for us to eat them all ?


9 thoughts on “Strawberry Time

    • They’re just about gone. We always have great plans of cooking something with them, making jam, or a pie, or something like that, but we always just end up eating them right from the refrigerator.

      • You can always buy strawberry jam anytime of the year, but you can only eat fresh ones for a couple of months. This is the second year I’ve grown their in my garden and all the critters have gotten to them before us. Grrrrr….

      • Very frustrating when that happens! We had a great crop of basil and tomatoes last year but none of our vegetable plants we planted this Spring have survived .

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