Top of the Charts

As the aging hipster that I am, I consider it my responsibility to expose Mr. C to all the best music out there.  Raffi is perfectly fine, but what else can we listen to ?

Here’s what Mr. C is listening to this week. It’s the ‘Aba Dabba Do Dance’ by The Coctails. I know it’s a cover of a song first recorded sometime in the 50’s, but I’m not sure who originally performed the song.

The lyrics are pretty much three lines “Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Aba Dabba Dabba Do !!! ”

Last week while he was listening to this song, clapping his hands and stomping his feet as instructed by the singer, I heard a loud crash from the basement. The stomping caused two fluorescent light bulb tubes to shake out of their fixtures in the basement, crashing to the concrete floor below. Getting tiny shards of glass all over the floor.

This never happened with Raffi.  Being a hipster parent is expensive.


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