Birthdays; 4 and 75

Calling Grandpa, the focus on food seems to be a family trait:

Mr. C: Happy birthday, grandpa!

Grandpa: Happy birthday to you too! What did you do on your birthday?

C: We took a train ride, then we went camping !

G: What was the train ride like ?

C: They had lunch on the train, it was NOT good !

G: Thats too bad, did you like the train ride ?

C: it was an old train that went very slow. Lunch was bad meat on a bad bun !

G: Did you go for a hike too ?

C: We hiked to a waterfall ! Then we went out for breakfast. Mama said the pancakes were rancid !

G: What ?

C: Rancid ! Yucky! What did you do for your birthday ?

G: Your grandmother and I went out for a nice dinner. You’ll have to send me a picture of that waterfall.

C: Ok!!



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