Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

On our recent trip to Seattle, we spent an evening at the International Fountain in Seattle Center. Partly to just to see it, and also partly to try to tire out our over excited 3 year old.   He ran in circles around the perimeter of the fountain a few times, and then we went up to the top of the Space Needle.

I probably took about 300 photos on this trip, a lot of them are blurry since Mr. C doesn’t stay still for long.  I have to act fast if I want to get a photo, otherwise he’s on to something else.  So there’s more than one meaning to ‘Fleeting’ for this post.    I usually keep the blurry ones anyway, they have to be really unidentifiable for me to delete them.  I think I’ve been taking so many photos as some kind of compensation for how fast time is going by.  It’s already been close to 4 years!

I’m showing some photos in reverse order, so you can see the “Fleeting” one first.

How long will these hand prints last ?  Not too long, he stepped on them within seconds, covering them up with shoe tracks.


Here he is about to make the hand prints.  Can you stay in the frame please ?  No ?

Here he is on his way around the fountain, with Ms. J watching.  I’m not sure if this is lap number 8 or 9.




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