Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

We just returned from a West coast trip that included Seattle and San Francisco, and I just happened to have taken a few pictures of signs that fit in well with the challenge this week.

Seattle is a great city for neon signs.  I’m not sure if it’s famous for that, but it should be, they’re everywhere.  Old hotels, old retail shops, anything neon from the 50’s seems to have survived well there.  Here’s the sign for Top Pot Doughnuts, an exceptional baker of one of my favorite foods.  I only eat very good donuts, if I didn’t I’d probably weigh 300 pounds.   My 3 year old son and I spent an enjoyable breakfast here about a week ago.  ‘Brown donuts are my favorite’ Mr. C says.


This might be one of the more famous signs in the US.  It’s the neon sign on top of Pike Place Market.  We had a memorable breakfast at a French bakery across the street from the marketplace.  All of the pastry was labelled in French, and since my French is pretty much non-existent, I ordered by asking for ‘The raspberry thing that I can’t pronounce, and an almond thing that I also can not pronounce, and that twirly cookie thing too.”     When we travel, it really is all about the food for me!


Then we went on to San Francisco to attend a wedding.  I have no idea how anyone can drive or park a car in this city.  I’m not the best driver so all driving was handled by Ms. J throughout the trip since she had been there many times and I’ve only been there twice before and only for brief client visits in flat parts of town.  We were visiting my sister-in-law who lives at the end of a dead end street, on a hill of course, at a 45 degree angle, where the street is so narrow that barely more than one car can drive down it at a time.  At the end of the street is a concrete wall, on the other side of the wall is a steep cliff.  If I had been driving, I’m sure the car would have ended up going through that concrete wall at some point.  This one below with the huge ‘Stop’ on the ground, and variety of parking regulation signs isn’t her street though.  This one isn’t so bad but it’s still pretty steep.   I had to carry our  very tired 44 pound 3 year old up and down these hills more than once. 20130531-195716.jpg

The city motto could easily be ‘No Outlet’, since there’s so many dead end streets that lead down or up steep hills.

After a few days though, I was able to give directions to a tourist who might have thought I was a local.  Who would be carrying a 44 pound 3 year old around on their arm, a fellow tourist ?  No, this guy must be a local and he’ll know how to get to the ferry building.  I was surprised that I did actually know how to get there, even though we were about 20 blocks and many many dead end, no outlet, streets away.


The food in San Francisco is of course awesome,  more on that later, so I can’t wait to go back!

Maybe I’ll actually do some of the driving next time.




5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

  1. Haha, good to know about the no outlets in San Francisco! And those hills are something, aren’t they? San Diego has a few steep hills too, but nothing in comparison. I like the tourist theme you used for your post.

    • I didn’t really think of the tourist part of the post, but you’re right, signs are noticed more by tourists than by locals. I’m sure that my photographing the Pike Place sign marked me as a tourist, and any resident would know the parking regulations already without having to see the signs.

      I’ve been to San Diego and was surprised at how hilly it is, but it’s not as hilly as San Francisco! And I thought driving in Boston was bad!

    • Oh, no, no complaints form me on either one! I appreciate the driving and don’t mind the carrying, that’s how I have been able to loose 30 pounds so far.

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