A Unique Birthday Gift

A few days ago Ms. J was explaining to Mr. C what decoupage was.  How to cut out pictures from an old magazine, spread some decoupage goo over the back, and then stick them onto something, such as a box, and then seal it up with an added layer of the decoupage goo.   She showed him a small  box she had made years ago.  It’s covered with things she had picked up during a trip to Greece, such as ticket stubs and sections of maps.  He seemed only mildly interested, but as soon as she was done with the story  he quickly went on to playing Legos.

I’ve been trying to get him excited about the upcoming birthday of Ms. J lately.  Taking him along to look for gifts, telling him how many days away it is, what the birthday plans are.   He’s been getting more and more excited about it, and today he said he wanted to decoupage something to give to her.  I was surprised that he remembered it, considering how interested he seemed.  ( I suppose anyone else would not have known that he was saying “decoupage”,  but I’m trained in translating ‘3 Year Old’, so I could figure it out.)   He was probably playing it cool the whole time, trying not to let Mommy know that he thought it would be a great idea to make something like that for her birthday.

First, we flipped through the pages of an old ‘National Geographic’ magazine.  “Old” is relative regarding National Geographics here,  since I have some boxes of issues dating back to the 1960’s.  This one was from 2010, an issue devoted to animals.  Penguins, lions, zebras, elephants, bugs, birds, plants.  Hard to decide, but he picked one out.

He cut out the photo, and picked out the thing that he wanted to decoupage it to.


Glue was applied with a large brush.  Most of it ended up on the back of the cut out photo, some ended up in my hair and on my pants, and on his nose too.  Some might have ended up on the back of one of the cats too.    It was then allowed to dry and a sealing layer was applied to the top.

And this is what we ended up with.    Yes, this is  a “Crasher Squirrel” light switch plate.  I was surprised to find that this squirrel has his own Wikipedia page.

I trimmed the edges and cut out the slot for the light switch.    So once we get it wrapped up, we will have a Crasher Squirrel light switch plate ready for the big Birthday party.

“Mommy will love this!”  he said

Maybe I should start an account for him on Etsy.com


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