Mother’s Day Fail

Ms. J had one request for Mothers Day. Just one thing that she thought would be cute for Mr. C to wrap up for her to open up on the morning of Mothers Day. A pin cushion. As long as it was not a tomato pin cushion, since she had one of those somewhere. She couldn’t find it though, must be in one of the boxes from the big move in, somewhere in the basement. So maybe something else, something like a pin cushion in the shape of a mouse maybe, something memorable and cute. No big deal, just something small that he can give to Mommy for Mothers Day.

So being the procrastinator that I am I looked and looked for a pin cushion, over the two days prior to Mothers Day. I was surprised to find that apparently, the only thing that anyone has ever thought of sticking pins into is something in the shape of a tomato. How did that happen ? What is the history of the pin cushion tomato ? Is it the same way all over the world ? Is the US unique in its preference of pin cushions in that shape ?


This is NOT a pin cushion

I searched everywhere. Well, as much as possible with a 3 year old present. Have you ever gone to a craft store or sewing store with a 3 year old boy ? No, he wasn’t bored by it all. He did want to find out what everything is though. What is this, what is this, what is this, what is this, he asked me. It’s his new mantra. I do enjoy explaining what things are and how they are used, so any visit to a new store can result in an hour long lesson in the wonders of retail, or complete frustration on my part. So after spending those two days searching the area craft and sewing stores, Mr. C now knows all about the variety of fabrics, types of needles, quality colored pencils from Germany and Japan, and the infinite variety of paper available, and I still had no cute pin cushion. I had to give up. It was too late to try the internet though, so what to do?

She likes honey, maybe Mr. C can give her some new honey. The honey she likes is usually from New Zealand. Varieties like Manuka, Blue Borage, Rewarewa. We were also running dangerously low on supply too. However, I can only get this honey via the internet, or one small gourmet shop nearby.


Running Low on the Fancy Honey

So Mothers Day arrives and I have nothing.

‘Ummm, I have to go get some groceries” I said Sunday morning.

‘Didn’t we get groceries Friday ?’ , Ms. J said, always remembering everything.

“We need some extra mumble mumble” I said as I raced out the door. I speed to the gourmet food store. Closed. CLOSED! It’s a small store, and it is Mothers Day after all. Now what?

I race to the supermarket. I do end up getting some food, if only to provide some cover. Do they have any fancy honey at the supermarket ? No, they do not. I went to three supermarkets looking for something that might at least appear to be exotic. Nothing from New Zealand was found. Nothing the least bit exotic was found either. The closest I could get was this, a honey from Maine.


Maine is NOT New Zealand

This would have to do.

I sneak the honey into the house, along with a few bags of miscellaneous foods that we didn’t really need, run to the closet to get a scrap of wrapping paper, wrap it up, and race over to Mr C. Out of breath, I hand it to him as he’s playing with Legos, saying here’s Mama’s gift, lets go surprise Mama for Mothers Day!

Of course, she loved it. Did you get this for me ? she asked Mr. C.

‘I don’t remember’ he says.

I’ll have to plan on buying next year’s Mothers Day gift early, sometime in March.


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Fail

  1. what a struggle … it made me laugh, in a kind of squirmy embarrassed way! luckily our three year old made something at pre-school, on her one day of the week that she attends .. so she had a hand-made necklace for mummy … maybe next year Mr C will be making something too!

  2. Oh, now I see what you mean about being a procrastinator! I would have thought you’d gone on Pinterest and searched for handmade pincushions, it could have been a last-minute project.

    • Also why I need that list that we started!

      Apparently most people just make their own pin cushions. J found a pattern of a mouse shaped one, so she’s going to try to do that.

      Funny you should mention Pinterest. I had heard of it, but had no idea how it worked, my Mom, 72 years old, explained it to me.

      • I call it the black hole. Once you get in and start looking around, you’ll never come out. It’s really great, but a real time sucker. I do use it to showcase my photos because it’s a very powerful social media tool.

  3. Good question – what IS it about tomato pin cushion??!!! You should add a contact form/questionnaire to the post, per the recent post-a-day suggestion. Personally, I used to have a strawberry pincushion; all pointy and dotted and even had a little berry attached by green yarn-ish something. But the one I still have? Tomato!!!

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