Go Fly A Kite

Would you believe that I have made it this far in life and I’ve never flown a kite ?  Yes, embarrassing but true.  I grew up in an urban area of Boston, so I guess there just wasn’t easy access to kite flying fields.   I do remember my older brother planning a trip to a park to fly a kite, but for some reason it never happened.  Maybe it rained, I don’t remember.

So flying a kite earlier this week was a new experience for both Mr. C and myself.   It seemed to be a windy enough day, the sun was shining, so off we went with a small kite that he received as a Christmas gift, as well as a long roll of string.

My only other experience in this has been reading about Charlie Brown’s hapless adventures in kite flying, so I did not expect much.  Conditions seemed to be perfect since it turned out that it’s surprisingly easy to fly a kite.  After it took a few headers directly into the ground, and a lot of running around, off it went.

And run, run, run, run, we did.  One of the many things I’m supposed to do is to make sure Mr. C gets some exercise during the day.  Both to try to make sure he stays active, and also to try to make sure he’s tired enough to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

All the running required to get that kite flying ended up tiring me out more than him and I ended up going to bed before he did.   I am an old man.

Turns out that it’s just about impossible to get a 3 year old and a kite to appear in the same photo.  As hard as I tried, either the kite or Mr. C ran or flew  out of the frame.  So I am left only with this shot below.



7 thoughts on “Go Fly A Kite

  1. lovely shot peter! i understand about trying to get the kite and controller in the same frame … fortunately our grandson flies a stunt kite so sometimes it is low enough for a moment and snap!

    • Thanks! Maybe next time I’ll be quicker with the camera. Plus I should say that I’m relying on my iPhone lately, which doesn’t really offer a lot of options, such as zooming or wide angle

      • someone in front of us at a concert recently was zooming like mad with a smart phone … i thought her photos looked amazing … she might have had an app for it … but i don’t even have a cell phone so i don’t know 🙂

      • I have a fairly good digital camera, which I never manage to be able to carry around with me, so I just use the phone. And since I know I have that camera, I refuse to spend any money on any of the apps that I’m sure I could get for it. I suppose that’s a little bit cheap I guess!

  2. Wow, that kite is flying high! Did your son fly away with it? 😉

    I never flew a kite until my 20s because like you, I lived in the city. I’ve tried it with my kids but we never pick the right day for it. One day we’ll get a good kite and wait for the right wind to do it again.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with limited kite flying experience! It may look like it’s high in the sky, but it’s a small kite. It’s probably less than 100 feet or so from the ground. It was the one time during the day that it got up that high, other than that it hovered about 20 feet away.

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